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120 Minute Full Fitting Experience

Golf's Premium Club Fitting Experience!

Designed from the ground up by our Master Club Fitters and PGA Professionals. Golf's Premium Club Fitting Experience is the most Premium Experience available in Australia. We will perform a complete analysis of your clubs from driver through to wedges, looking at club length, measured loft, face angle and digital swingweight. This allows us to identify the cause of any performance-related issues when it comes to your current set. During our initial analysis we will also discuss any other possible factors such as physical limitations or current injuries that may affect performance.

Our Comprehensive Fitting Session will then take you through the same Advanced Technical Analysis a Tour Professional would experience. The use of TrackMan Launch Monitor, the most recognized and renowned launch monitor allows us to confirm with pin point accuracy any areas that may be lacking in performance. By testing different equipment across all leading brands, alongside our in depth product knowledge, our aim is to ensure that every club will perform consistently with your unique golf swing. By discussing and taking into account your preferences and opinions on feel and aesthetics of the club we are able to ensure maximum confidence in your equipment over every shot.

You are under no obligation to purchase a set after a club fitting. There is a fee for the club fitting but that fee is waived if you decide to purchase a customized set of golf clubs. This way you will receive the Club Fitting Experience for FREE!

What's involved:
  • Shaft length
  • Shaft flex
  • Shaft type
  • Lie angle
  • Grip size
  • Golf club head design
  • Set make up

Shaft Length: Shaft length will influence where the ball is consistently struck on the clubface. The correct shaft length will prevent a golfer from having to alter their natural swing in order to make optimal contact.

Shaft Flex: Shaft flex influences distance, accuracy, trajectory and consistency. The shaft flexes during the swing. Incorrect shaft flex drastically reduces the chance of making consistent solid contact.

Shaft Type: Individuality makes the decision. Steel or graphite shafts, swing weights, kick (or bend) points and torque ratings should be considered.

Lie Angle: This is the angle created by the shaft and sole of the club. With the correct lie angle the center of the clubhead will touch the ground during impact. Should the toe of the clubhead be raised at impact, a hooking shot may result. If the heel is raised, a push or slice could result.

Grip Size: The correct grip size can influence the golfers’ ability to return the clubface to a square position and minimize tension in the hands and arms. Also, with the assortment of grip textures, personal preference is a determining factor.

Clubhead Design: You have so many choices today it is a buyers’ market. Manufacturers have recently provided many more options throughout their product lines to suit many types of needs. Let us guide you to the one that suits you best.

Set Make Up: Set make up is what type and the number of clubs we decide is best for you. We can mix and match your clubs so that the distances or types of shots that you wish to create in your game are fully covered. Or, you are able to order less than a full set to match your budget.


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