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60 Minute Driver Fitting Experience

Golf's Premium Club Fitting Experience!

The Driver Fitting Experience will begin with a discussion with the objective of gaining an understanding of what you would like to achieve out of the experience. Our Master Club Fitters will focus on a few key elements to understand how the players current driver is performing and will also provide you with the opportunity to discuss any particular issues that you may be having.

The main objective of the driver fitting is ultimately to optimise your ball flight through increasing distance without sacrificing consistency and or accuracy. Where appropriate, we will always look at the possibility of modifying/adjusting the current driver whilst also considering the possibility of a new driver to achieve the best results.

We will take detailed measurements, including; driver type, loft, shaft length, shaft flex, shaft weight, and swing weight. The optimum spin launch angle and spin rate varies considerably from player to player and all of the above will have an impact on finding the correct launch and spin for your swing speed and swing dynamics. Once our Master Club Fitters have found the shaft that performs optimally, we are then able to test that particular shaft across all brands to find the ultimate combination.

The driver is an extremely important club in the bag and we firmly believe that we offer an in-depth product knowledge across all brands, combined with our TrackMan 4 data which allows us to produce the best possible performance.


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