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30 Minute Loft Lie Adjustment

Golf's Premium Club Fitting Experience!

Utilising the most exact bending machine in the industry, our PGA Certified club repair technicians can adjust your current equipment to the exact loft and lie angle measurements required to help you play your best.

We recommend checking that the lie angles and lofts of your clubs are correct, ensuring more consistent distance and directional control.

Why is Lie Angle important?
Because lie angle has a correlation to directional control, an incorrect lie angle can decrease shot accuracy. A lie angle that is too "flat" can tend to influence the ball to the right (for a right-handed golfer). A lie angle that is too "upright" can tend to the influence the ball to the left (for a right-handed golfer). Finding the correct lie angle is a key aspect of club fitting.

Why is Loft important?
Because a club's loft influences trajectory (shot height) and distance. In a set of irons, for example, the loft progression through the set determines the distance gaps from club to club. If the loft progression is inconsistent, then distance control through the set becomes much more difficult.

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